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When Bigger is Best – The Many Things You Can Fit on 247 Acres

When Bigger is Best – The Many Things You Can Fit on 247 Acres

There are many instances in life where it’s seemingly impossible to fathom the scale of certain things, especially when those things are larger than life. The tallest buildings, the biggest animals – unless you’ve seen them in person, it’s difficult to comprehend just how enormous they are! The same goes for 247 acres of land… just how big is a land parcel this size? Well, to answer that question, and to hopefully give you an idea of the possibilities of an acreage lot at Benobble Heights, we’ve put together a few comparisons that should give you a better visual idea.

Let’s get mathematical

First, let’s quickly define what 247 acres is mathematically. It is 999,574 square metres, or 99.9574 hectares or 0.999574 square kilometres. Unless you’re really into numbers, this doesn’t give you a great viewpoint to understand how big 247 acres of land actually is.

Visualising 247 Acres

If you’re still having trouble coming to terms with the size, here are some cool things that are equivalent to 247 acres so you can see just how much land we’re talking about here! (Hint: it’s a lot).

In 247 acres you can fit about:
12 Suncorp Stadiums
22 Sydney Opera Houses
799 Olympic sized swimming pools
or 16,303 cricket pitches!

A parcel of land this big offers endless possibilities, and to think, at Benobble Heights there are land parcels that exceed this, with some measuring up to 247 acres! As one of the final acreage estates in the Scenic Rim, these kinds of lots are a truly rare opportunity not to be missed.

Ready to live larger than life on your own Superlot? Boasting immense natural beauty and country views, our final acreage lots won’t last long. So don’t wait, register now or call our Sales Team on 0413 949 455 to secure your land before lots sell out.

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